Looking for a rewarding career with opportunities for growth? Whether your dream office is somewhere in the great outdoors or something more traditional, we have a career path for you.

At Davey, employees are owners with a passionate commitment to the company’s long-term success.
Davey is committed to the success and development of its employee owners and the sustainability of the environment we live and work in.

  • “My brother-in-law, who’s a foreman, hired me at Davey. He taught me to take pride in what I was doing. We always have the time to do it right. That’s what sets us at Davey apart.”

    Chris Jancsurak
    Crew Leader
    Commercial Landscape Services
    Cleveland, Ohio Office

  • “Employee ownership affects my daily attitude considerably. It gives me a sense of pride and enjoyment. I’m proud to be part of a dedicated company that is invested in not only itself, but the growth and well-being of every single one of its employees.”

    Matthew Roddy
    Area Manager
    Eastern Utility Services
    New Jersey/Pennsylvania area


  • “I started my Davey career in 1989. I worked as a tree care foreman, in lawn care, as a plant health care technician and then a sales arborist for 20 years. Being able to work in every Residential/Commercial Services division has helped round me to be where I am today.” 

    Bob O’Rourke
    District Manager
    Residential/Commercial Services
    New Jersey Office


A company rooted in its values, Davey has established a unique culture: open exchange of ideas, passion for community, ownership opportunities for everyone, genuine respect for people and an exciting variety of career paths.